Feb. 27th, 2017

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So Bokashi first, since I’m aware that this is basically a Bokashi blog now. So the first bin is most of the way through it’s two week fermentation. It’s producing less and less of the vicious orange slurry that you can apparently use to keep drains clear. We have been tipping it down the drain, usually just before doing washing up, because it smells fierce.

The second bin is not doing so well. I suspect this is my fault, I transferred the squishing spatula from the first bin, which I’d made the decision early on not to bother to wash. This, I suspect, was an error. In the new bin with all that space it more or less instantly turned into a giant puffball of mould. I scraped it off, and shoved the mould well down into a layer, but the next time we opened it, it was the same. And since then, each time it’s been worse smelling. The first bin smelled vaguely fermenty, but this smells – like a food waste bin. Today I’ve fished it out and washed it fairly thoroughly, and I suspect that it’ll just be another bokashi job. Chop the veg up, squish it down, wash the masher.

Next week we can take it out of the bin and see what the fermentation process has done. Not sure how we clean it, given that we have no-where outside to wash it… Still, we can face that problem down when we get there.

Despite the challenges, and the amount of time it takes, it’s something I can do.

Which feels important.

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