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So one of the things I miss from the UK is relatively clear pricing.

It’s frustrating to never actually know how much something will cost – you pick it up off the shelf and then some tax is added. Depending on the item it might have more than one tax on it… which means I never know until I get to the till how much things will cost.

More annoying though is the habit of places (mainly car places) advertising big-ticket items with completely misleading prices. Like, oh, this car is $15900 to buy. Only, it’s only that price if you get it on finance, qualify for every rebate they can come up with, oh, and it’s actually lease to buy which means that it’s $15900 over 5 years – then you get to pay the $11,000 residual value. Which… as far as I’m concerned means its actual price is $26900.

I’m used to car places advertising the lowest possible price which is only available if you get the base-level trim in which the seats have been replaced with milk-crates and you have a few hundred quid of registration fees and delivery fees on top. But deliberately misleading pricing where you say it’s to purchase, but exclude over $10k of cost from the ‘purchase’. This is what I call bullshit*.

* Our insight is not getting looked after properly, because I don’t have time to look after it’s many hand-built quirks (i.e. it’s leaking and I don’t have time to fix the now three places it seems to be leaking from**). Also I *hate* burning petrol. So I’m constantly trying to wheedle a way to actually afford an EV to replace it.

** ETA: Apparently it’s probably leaking from the same place as it’s leaking on the passenger side. Which means another $100 worth of clips and time. I really need another me to fix this.

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