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So, I’m aware that I’m complaining about something I shouldn’t be complaining about. Buying a car. Most people don’t whinge half as much as I do about a simple process which is, frankly, a situation I should be grateful for, not one where I should be complaining. I have earned enough that I can borrow enough money to be able to buy a bottom of the barrel hybrid, or, were I less of a ethical person a pretty damn nice second hand car.

Not phenominal, but something mid-range pleasant and a few years old.

But I won’t.

I want something that at least stands vaguely near my ethics. I am loathe to buy a car anyhow, I wish that the frickin’frakin’Austin had worked out better, but having spent the better part of a month in a garage waiting, waiting, waiting for it to be fixed I’m now forced to conclude that it’d be unwise to put it back on the road and then attempt to rack up infinite miles in it. Not because I don’t think it would cope. It probably would and probably would be adequately reliable. Until something important broke, and then I’d be back to ‘oh shit, I can’t earn anything’. This week, for example, I was intending to spend doing agency work. I’d set myself up mentally with ‘lots of agency shifts’. Now I could have hired a car for the week and done it, but it’d’ve cost me at least the entire value of a single shift and then I’d have the bonus paranoia of ‘I MUST WORK EVERY SHIFT’ to try and make the money back. And if I didn’t get a shift… ooh the stress.

So I’ve been looking at cars.

Which it turns out, are mainly in London.

Which is, it turns out, a pain in the ass.

I mean, not so much of a pain in the ass as if they were scattered all across the country (there is one in Glasgow, but it’s highly suspicious and sporting the all bad ‘Master Warning Light’ error). But it means trying to get from Bristol to London at a ‘sensible’ time in the morning, which means forking out large quantities of cash so that I can run around London looking at cars.

If that is, anyone will let me look at them. Which I can’t ask yet because I’m still waiting to see if the test equipment (Toyota’s official software and a not-official USB connecting car-diagnostics lead that says it works with the official software) arrive. Ebay says they will. But I’m locked in this endless cycle of checking Ebay, Autotrader and Gumtree to see if the cars I’m interested in have been sold (one has) or new cars have been added, or the price has changed…

…because I’m not yet in a position to arrange actually looking at the cars.

Of course, all of this is because of a plan that we have.

It’s a good plan. Well, no, it’s a terrible, insane, batshit crazy plan. It’s the sort of plan that requires: A Kickstarter. Absolute faith in our technical abilities. A complete absence of sanity. Loads of time. And attempting to do something insanely stressful potentially at the same time as having a relatively new baby. All simple stuff, really.

When I told Nikki about it, she said we were off our rockers, or somesuch similar comment. And it’s true, we are. Nikki: WE ARE NOT SHARING IT WITH THE WORLD YET!

We have much preparation to do before we can consider kickstartering it. It links in with The Electric Minor Project. It links in with getting us to the US. Hence the ‘we need to save up some money’, which given the way the ConDem government are starving the NHS of money isn’t going to happen; and given the way they’ve cut my pay for successive years, isn’t going to happen. So a secondary stream of income, i.e. agency work, needs to be more thoroughly tapped.

Hence the need for the kind of car that will rack up moon and back milages without dying. Although one of the cars I’m looking at has already been to the moon, we’d just be starting the journey back :-/

Incidentally, LJ readers, I’m aware of the double-line spacing issue. Having problems with the crossposter (again).

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If I weren’t still slightly tediously coldy (and coughy, and going to work tomorrow) then I’d be a lot more angsty about the fact that today has mostly been spent with me doing stuff all.

The auto electrician was meant to appear at 10, but instead didn’t appear until 1145; so I did a lot of waiting-unproductively; then (and this is my good deed for the day) filed all the paperwork that I’ve not filed for err, months, and also the stuff that we dug up when we were clearing the office (INCOMING GUESTS! PANIC! EVERYTHING MUST BE FINISHED!*). Then I just dawdled around the house doing odds and sods, wrote a teeny tiny bit (maybe 100 words, with some edits elsewhere, I still don’t hate it which remains unusual and is strangely pleasing, at some point I’ll have to show it to someone to see if it’s awful) and intermittently pottered out to see what the auto electrician was up to.

I’m not entirely sure that the towbar electrics are still working; I’ll have to check that at some point, and one of the sidelights is apparently still wired very oddly (it’s really unclear what in heaven’s name they were attempting to do with the wiring; some stuff seems to just run the length of the car for no apparent reason, duplicating stuff in the loom that appears to be working**). Weirdly, in the middle of all his fixing, the interior light started working, so yay for that.

Anyhow, once that was done and he’d flagged that the oil pressure switch wasn’t working, I nipped out, got that, installed it, and we now have what appears at the moment to be a functioning car.

I am still waiting on the shiny exhaust, but for the moment I’ve got the emergency exhaust repair kit and some tools in the boot, and enough spare wire in there to go to Mars.

All I can do is go for journeys and see.

Oh, and I found a place that’ll service and check the calibration on the speedo, but the car has to have a non-GPS based speedo so I’ll probably do that at a point when I’m certain I won’t need the car for a bit. Having checked; 20 appears to be at 20 ish, so that’s fine for most of Bristol. It may just be that it needs a service.

I’ve also blocked out potentially an entire week for agency work which should help with getting the EV conversion going…

* I will fail at this, but don’t honestly really expect to achieve it, it’s just a ‘wouldn’t it be nice if they turned up and the house was actually finished’.
** Maybe rather than running the loom to work out what wires came out where, they just decided to run new ones?

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So, after debate and searching I ended up buying an Austin 1300 Auto. A car that doesn’t exist.
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