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So, today I decided to scare the pants off myself; or more accurately, agreed cheerfully to scare the pants off myself. My beloved asked me a while ago if I'd mind giving a little talk at the school at which she teaches; and possibly due to a bout of clinical insanity*, I agreed and thought about what I was going to say, and do. We got some information from the 2 classes teacher's (argh, I can't work out where that apostrophe should live), and today I headed down there in my best (quite literally my best) ironed uniform (believe me, the words Ironing and Kate rarely go together); along with a selection of bits of stuff for plastering and it a bird, is it a plane, is it an ambulance? No, it's NurseKate )

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Nov. 9th, 2007 10:11 am
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The brake servo on the viva is officially deceased. This is inconvenient; not least because, well, they're not easily available. It's not like walking into a shop and saying 'hey, I need a new brake servo for a viva'. Or it is, only first they look at you like you're a talking goat, and then once they've got over their 'what the hell's that' the answer is 'no'.

Classic places just say, sorry we don't have 'em. Although one place has 'Price on Enquiry' which scares me.

And to round it off, my garage didn't do the rest of the service, because they spent their time trying to get a brake servo. I must admit I foolsihly thought 'oh, I'll just ring up the spares place that the club recommends and I'll be sorted....'; yeahright.

In other news, our phone number will be changing - so if you want the new one you'll have to ask when we get it. The current ones should be valid to the end of the month; then well be down to the one that ends in a 7 until we get a new broadband phone doojit.

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So, plan for the morning was:

Ring BeThere and order the new ADSL
Collect car, collect packages, buy more adhesive, paint stripper, stanley blades.
Drop off car

And y'know what, it's all been done (well, sorta. I rang BT to get my MAC Code, which they can't actually produce at the moment; I await a call back with the same expectation as I have that the world will freeze over tomorrow). I tested the adhesive I'd got on the wood, and no, it still won't bloody stick; so I've got a different brand of adhesive which, according to the man in the tile shop will adhere tiles to wood. I collected Kathryn's prezzie and my MP3 player (but the batteries are flat and it's not quite clever enough to charge from the USB cable, which is slightly distressing). I then dropped off the car, and walked back pausing only to pick up more Nitromors (mmm, volatile organic compounds) and stanley blades (I'll actually use up the old ones stripping paint now I've got some replacements!).

I've found who I think will be our VoIP provider - mostly because they offer in their basic price plan free and unlimited UK and International calls (to certain countries). Given that we've a penchant for calling Kathryn's family in the US then that's quite handy.

I just have to get everyone I know to keep national geographic numbers. Or join the same company for VoIP ;)

And in other news... I'm intrigued by this. If only I could find a trailer for it... It's still fracking cold here, incidentally. My feet are wondering how it's got to be so cold...

Annnyhow. Off I go, it's tiling time now I'm fed and watered.

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