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I am uber tired now. I have spent the day achieving this:


See? No? Well, you can examine the world's most dull photoset if you like. I've endeavoured to make it marginally less dull by attempting to cram a silly number of notes on some of the pictures, but really this set exists in that special space for doing something dull when you're already bored. 

At any rate, I've made much progress today - I've now got only one huge box to move in the kitchen and the dishwasher. Then I need to empty the kitchen cupboard, remove it from the wall, and uh, find homes for everything in it. Once that's done, I need to stick the tools out in the shed. And uh, *then* I need to move the washing machine.

Hopefully this job will be done within the week.

Then we can move on to the other works - the more major ones - specifically the doubling of the floorjoists in the pre-bathroom. I'm not sure how that's going to work, really. Not sure at all. Nor how much it'll cost. I guess we'll find out.

Unfortunately all this box moving has left me somewhat tired. Exhausted, actually - which I suspect is related to the sore throat, which I'm blaming on the night shifts...

I have, as a side point, become aware that I don't even use my allotted 6 icons, so, uh, I'll try and use them a little more. CHANGE, I guess, applies to housey stuff, so, uh, housey stuff may get this icon, at least until I decide I'm bored of putting in that much effort. At any rate, I'm tired, so I think it's time to rest...

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