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1) Kathryn drives much more economically than me.
2) It took me much longer than it should to work out the DAF's MPG. Given that I think she's still not running quite right (mixture wise), and am pondering whether there's some clutch slippage going on, we should be able to get better fuel economy from 'em.

The result of the pondering is that a 1974 DAF 44 returns, with an economical driver, 38mpg (which equates to approximately a CO2 rating of 194g/km (or, adjusting for how optimistic auto manufacturers are, about 155g/km). That latter 'adjusted' value is disconcertingly close to a Mini One.

But the government in their pseudo-green drive are scrapping cars that are just as green as the modern ones, discounting the energy required to build cars, and essentially are propping up companies that failed to adapt to changing market conditions with more environmental destruction. Thanks Labour. Don't think you'll be having my vote. You've actually driven me to voting for the Greens. Seriously. I never thought I'd do that.

Sadly, incidentally, there've been some classics which were casualties of the destructiveness of this government... Anyone who said Classics wouldn't be affected want to reconsider that answer.


In other news, I've been continuing to ponder the construction of an EV-DAF. Slightly prompted by Mr Clarkson's annoying take on the (probably awful, but his whining about all EVs and his belief that climate change is all in everyone-elses heads make me want to recommend it anyhow) Honda Insight Mk II*. I knew it'd been done before, albeit somewhat badly - Nikki B, of the a minor journey EV blog & appearances on EV cast waved it at me a while ago - essentially, this conversion consisted of a Milkfloat motor dropped into a DAF with some scaffold board to support it. That the owner claimed it moved at all was no mean feat.

What I didn't realise is that it'd been done somewhat more thoroughly somewhat earlier; twice. Shell used the cute little DAF to build a Fuel Cell Hybrid (yes, seriously) in the 60s.

I wonder if the technology of producing an extremely poor energy carrier for nothing is close to maturation yet ;)

Apparently it wasn't great - but what do you expect from 60's fuel cell and electric motor technology? The colour choice was good though :)

What was more interesting still (although the photo was very cool) was that there were two independent companies that built DAF 44 EVs in the states (in the 70s). CHW, in Athol, MA. (who later became 'ElectriCar' - and seem to have disappeared) and a company called EV Propulsion. Although the DCA chap has figures for CHW's cars (around 60 produced) he didn't mention how many EV Propulsion converted... But that, lack of money, time, space, and plans to do it in a vague and hazy future haven't stopped me mailing them.

Still, there's plenty to keep me entertained on them as it is. Vixy's off to an actual factual garage to have the brakes done, although I'm going to have a little go at mixture again tomorrow, having invested in a colortune. I'm also going to give her actual new spark-plugs. We'll see how that whole thing goes. Her new door should arrive in a couple of days time too, just a case of spraying it to, uh, match and fitting it. I'm looking forward to her having a window winder that works :)

Jejy's new wheel bearing is sat in the lounge too, all ready to be fitted, and I've got a 'source' hopefully tracking down a silencer (or two), wheels and some clutch shoes to re-con. The new drum and inlet manifold have arrived, so that's all shiny. Lots of work to do there...

I've got a quote for fetching the 'zed from my mum's to here. I think I'll go make it accessible, and then get the couriers to bring it over.

Unrelated but very, very good: We were sat in the garden and one of the birds (?sparrow) decided it didn't want to wait until we vacated the area - and hopped around a few feet from us (literally, 2-3 feet), fairly much disregarding us. It was really just incredible.

Unrelated but very, very bad: Change we can't believe in.

* I always rather liked the look of the Mark I, although tbh I want an EV that looks all futuristic and modern, not a Hybrid. Basically I want an EV1. Yes, I'm still whining.
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Well, indirectly. So I went in to be a good little consumer today, and I spent the voucher that the nice patient gave (lots of staff) on my old ward; I now have two new bras which, unlike my other white bras, are actually white; and unlike all my other bras are not yet misshapen strange bits of rag. This was partially prompted by my 'good' black bras developing a strange quiff affair at the top of the cup, I've tried everything to get rid of this, but it seems permanent.

I also spent the 30 quid that my rather nice old ward gave me before I departed for the shiny Emergency Department. Frustratingly HMV Shoppe was more expensive than HMV Online - but amazingly they had one copy of the Lucky Soul album. Which I relieved them of; and which is sounding very good. I was going to buy Green Wing, but their Green Wing DVDs were also 4 quid more per disk than online. Having accepted the 3 quid extra for the CD I was a little loathe to do that; and it would have meant I couldn't afford the whole series. But there, lurking on the sale shelf was Black Books, Series 1-3; which is now mine. Quite a haul really.

I then attempted, well, I'd attempted before without success, but I then attempted (after my purchases) to give my books which have been (hand) picked for disposal to a charity shop. Any charity shop (within limits). But I couldn't find any that were reachable by car. Or more accurately after touring incessantly, I found one, which I couldn't stop anywhere near.

So the books are still in the back of my car.

I'm hoping that when I go food shopping the shoppe will be less busy (a bit of a faint hope, really). This shopping however has put me in mind of what I watched yesterday; The End of Suburbia. It discusses what'll happen to suburbia when we hit and pass 'peak oil'; which either is soon or has happened, depending on who you ask.

At any rate, it's fairly much a warning of what is coming. But one thing which interests me is that people don't really get how much of a change will occur. And a lot of EV people seem not to have realised that plastic's going to be hard to get hold of when the oil's run out. It's all very well saying we'll build our EV's out of lightweight plastic; but.... What when there's no plastic. I do wonder about our society and what'll happen when we no longer have cheap  plastic, cheap goods, when the medicines start to run out (how many of these things are derived from oil?). The End of Suburbia also raised various interesting questions about power generation. I'm intrigued to know who's right though; they reckon biofuels are not likely to be a successful widespread solution, and I'd been kinda seduced by this Google techtalk on E85. So.. Mmm.

Anyway, makes you think. Or makes me think. I'd always intended that wherever I settle down would be more environmentally friendly than this place; if it's a build it yourself place then all limecrete and such; and with wind/solar generation (solar water heating, particularly). But yes, anyway, so I've been left thoughtful.

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