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We made this (Rustic Greek Pie with Mushrooms in Balsamic Vinegar (Sauce?):

It tasted awesome. We made it using the cookbook bought from Costco, vegetables from our local farm shop (uh, and Sainsburys)... I can't really say how much I love cooking with Kathryn, it's sort of quality time, chatting, cooking, kissing, cuddling. Yeah, okay, we're still revolting.

I just can't say how much I enjoy being around Kathryn; and that our lives intertwine....anyhow.

We actually did some socialising - we suggested going out for a drink with a colleague / friend of Kathryn's from work ('m not sure how to describe their current status) - a while back; finally we actually did something about it and headed into London last night for a very nice dinner (Pizza / Lasagne) at an incredibly good price, doubly so for London; and then sat in the bar near by supping beer/cocktails (Mojitos)/water - chatting and generally being sociable. Kathryn noticed how much *more* sociable I become when I've got some alcohol in me. I am Raj, it's quite upsetting.

Still, we had a very nice evening; although mildly marred by First Great Western's usual high standard of service*, but still, we made it back uninjured... :)

Today's been the usual - a bit of work on the car, Vixy now has a correctly adjusted variomatic... and the exhausts on both cars now have a greater proportion of gun-gum on them than before; this will hopefully make Vixy much quieter - since she had about 4 holes before the silencer (resonator) and Jejy much less fumey (since both silencers were mostly holes).

We did a bit of weeding, the garden is continuing to be a lovely space; although the Acer's not looking quite as happy as it did. I'm not sure if it's got too dry or too wet, but there's not much I need to do about too dry because it's been raining on and off for the last few days. If it's too wet then we're similarly stuffed. The last plant there died, hopefully whatever afflicted it isn't going to afflict the acer...

We also made more yummies today, but I'll tell you about them another day (if the photo comes out)....
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We've been very good of late, cooking most nights, and cooking new and exciting things. So much so that we're running out of recipes in the Vegetarian cookbook of choice; which has proven to be a fairly reliable meal producer, while some of the meals have been not-great (usually a great deal of work for not a great deal of excitement on the eating front), they've all been quite edible (with one notable exception).

Anyway, I've been meaning to share some of these cooking adventures on here, but the near death of my camera's batteries has put me off doing so, but today's lunch was so yummy looking (at least to us) that I spent several minutes shuffling the near dead batteries until my camera gave in and took one photo.

And here it is; yesterday's frittata rewarmed, with home made soda bread, home made jam, fruit, and quorn eggs. Num num:

It's labelled on flickr, here :)

Anyway, it's probably getting on for time to cook our Calzones :)

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