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So, let's list the automobilia I like:

Classic cars
Small cars
Quirky vehicles
Two stroke engines
East german stuff

Oddly, the Minor fulfills very few of these, but is my favourite. Perhaps because minor's are my first automotive love. MZs fulfill a lot of these, and trabants (which I don't own any of) also meet the criteria pretty well. Our little DAF (44) meets the criteria being small and strange, but something else has caught my eye:


Apparently this is a DKW Junior dating from 1967. It also meets another criteria which I didn't mention - it looks all sad. Look at it sat there on flat tyres, it *wants* to come be with me. It sports (and this is awesome) a three cylinder (this starts well) 750cc (awesome, a ridiculously small capacity!) two stroke (score!) engine. Woot.

A car which is almost certainly without any merit at all. It's German, not East German, sadly. Which detracts slightly from it's incredible Kate-attracting powers. Fortuately I have neither money nor space for a vehicle which almost certainly requires a raft of skills I don't posess. If anyone wants to buy it, shipt it and gift it to me in Canada then you're very welcome to :)

I note they've got a couple of sad little enfields and also sad little DAFs, and frankly a whole great bundle of sad little cars going at their auction (the Linconshire Bubble and Micro car museum are having a clearout) - sometimes it's fortunate we have neither money nor space :)

In other news, the Kitchen should start being fitted today. Time of arrival depends on time of delivery to the company doing the fitting.

And I actually took last night off sick. I'd been feeling a bit off, and on a whim (and because I felt like I was going to either faint or hurl on the floor of Lloyds while I was out getting money to pay for the kitchen) I stuck a thermometer in my gob. Scoring a not-bad 37.7 degrees C (99.9F) I thought 'hrm, perhaps I am unwell' and unilaterally opted for a day of being at home. As it happened apart from a faint nausea and general vague unwellness (frustratingly non-specific) I probably could have gone to work, but I might have made myself iller.

In good news, I spent this morning ploughing through ATNC and am now at a stage where I can safely say 'Hah'. I don't know any of it, but I've read it all, and that's surely got to be worth something ;-/

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So, building work progresses apace; well, a-limp is probably more accurate; however there are distinct progress signs, and a feeling of positivity descended (until today when I realised I'd have to pay to get someone to wire the kitchen, which is going to be 'spensive, 'cos I suspect I need an RCD unit instead of my current 'fuse box'). At any rate there is progress, at one point the kitchen was a place of great danger... but now there's a wall and in fact, plaster. I'm waiting on a ceiling though.

So anyway, that's the building work news. I do like to keep you all updated.

In other news, I spent a fantastic 2 days up in the land of Norwich - relaxing and generally having an awfully good time with Kathryn. I headed up on Friday, and... well, actually Kathryn posted about it here - it seems silly for me to post the same stuff again. But what I will do is share a few pictures with you...

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