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Another couple of nights. Just two this time, although with the extremely silly need to drive to Manchester the day after the second one (don't worry - plan is to come home, sleep and then go in the afternoon). Nights mean that, yet again I'm swinging my body clock around by 12 hours.

It's slightly harder to do this this time, 'cos the builders were indeed here. Rather briefly; apparently he's at college tonight (I have to ask him what he's doing there), and his tooth became loose and painful (it was noticably wobbly) and he went off to the dentist earlier...

So, in fact, they were here from 1030 til, maybe 3. And then at around 1730-1800 to drop off the wood. More unexciting photos of my floor being absent to follow, I'm sure.

Anyhow, without too much trauma I've filled in the CRB form, tomorrow (all being well) I shall head to occupational health - and then in the name of trying to do as many things as possible tomorrow I'll be mailing off my Oc Health reply and taking in the CRB form asap.

4 weeks sounds a long time, but in reality it's not a long time to get a CRB check done and contracts in and signed...

Especially when you're working nights, and one of the weeks includes a bank holiday.

And in other news, my mum and I are off to view an Enfield on Sunday. Well, assuming the bloke agrees to us turning up on Sunday - he certainly seemed happy with such a suggestion. The filing cabinet's fallen off my list of desired objects (I didn't bid in the end)  - this is because it shot up by over 100 quid - with 2 hours still left in the auction. Since they've been known to go for around 20 and I was only thinking of bidding 30ish, well. Yeah.

Was a nice one though - all old wood. I'm starting to entertain the concept of attempting to de-oil the metal one I used to have in the garage. It's neat, if not beautiful. Anyway, I should go and make some sort of food type substance for me to take to work.

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So, it's been four weeks since my bin was emptied. I realised that today. I've finally managed to fill my outside bin to the point I need it emptied... by putting two carpets in it.

I'm not quite sure how I generate so little rubbish - obviously the fact that an awful lot of my food is not prepackaged; or is prepacked in plastic bags (recycled) or cling-wrap (binned, but very small) helps. And my habit of not always remembering to eat, that probably helps. But I still find it faintly odd that after 4 weeks all I have to dispose of as rubbish is two small carrier bags mostly full of tissues (and they're *months* worth of rubbish from the lounge and bathroom), and two two-third's full binbags of kitchen waste. Paper and card are recycled, plastic's recycled...uh. Yeah. It's kind of odd.

But this week, yes, the bin is very full. 2 grotty old carpets filled it to fullness. So I'm kinda glad tomorrow is bin-day.

On the matter of the car, we appear (touch wood) to have finally reached understanding of why the bloody thing wasn't starting. It turns out that despite (when I checked) the coil appearing to get a full 12 volts of unballasted little flowing electrons when in the Starter position, it appears that it's not *actually* working as-such. So current bodge is to slap a jump lead twixt coil+ and the battery, start the car, and then whip it off. This is fine, fine and indeed dandy, except that it's been raining almost continuously today and I didn't much enjoy getting wet.

Still, that moves us onto the topic of the coming two weeks.

Home again

May. 17th, 2007 01:23 pm
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So, I'm all interviewed. I think it went okay, hopefully I should hear today whether I've got the job(s) - there are apparently some temporary contracts going - which leads me to an interesting question - do I go for a temporary job in the ED? I suspect I do - depending on how long 'temporary' is.

I read my comments from my mentors, and tried to remember that I'm a damn good nurse, at least some of the time. And I stumbled my way through the interview and at least looked conceivably like I knew about policy.

I hope it was enough. I guess I find out soon. I should (and will be) tidying shortly. But at the moment I'm sitting mulling and trying to distract myself from the thought processes about the interview. I hope I came across well.

So, in the name of distracting myself - this movie (in seven parts) looks really interesting. It's the kind of thing I'd've loved to be involved in, but I doubt I have the skill yet. I need more practice. Hey! Nikki! How's my song coming along?! James! Any luck with the models? :-)


And it's raining; not consistently hard rain, but irritating rain - enough that I've not yet headed out to remove the wheel from my motorbike, which I really should get on with. Yeah.
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I forgot to post on Snapshot hunter this week; it was meant to be this image - but I often forget which day I need to post things by. The most annoying thing is the two times I've forgotten I've had really good shots. Although I wasn't 100% decided I'd only uploaded this one for 'wet'. Anyhow.


In other news, here's some more new music. Indie pop, for those who're not wanting to use up clicks.

Tomorrow is my interview, and thus I should go to bed soon. I'm feeling a little teensy bit tense. Really quite tense. Incredibly tense. No, that's excessive. I'm quite tense though. I think I've got my four H's and four T's. I've thought of answers to the questions like 'why do you want to work in A&E' and 'what would make you a good A&E nurse'; I've got a couple of questions to ask, I know what I'm going to wear. I found my brief/attaché/whatever case and prep'd the folder with a few 'samples' of my portfolio. I think that's it.

It's still scary though. Wish me luck; I *want* this job.

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I have 5 things to do this morning, well, 6 since one got split into two separate tasks by me forgetting to do part of it. Of these 2 require speaking to other people on a telephonic device. Both of these people appear to have answerphones. Answerphones which are on whenever I ring - my timing must suck. *whimpers*.

And no one's online to tolerate my whining. It's no good at all really.

I can't concentrate on anything, I'm trying to organise extra work through NHS-P, who's onsite person never returns my calls (seriously I've made about 10 and left messages most times and I *never* get called back), and I'm also trying to organise an 'informal visit' to St Fred’s Hospital for the Clinically Unwell where my interview is - made harder by the fact I'm working all the days between now and then. 

I had more to say, but it's wandered off somewhere. Oh, yes, I may be able to do my bathroom rather cheaper than I thought - which is double-plus good really. Uh, yeah. 's all.

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So, I've had an interesting couple of days. Last night, because our ward, indeed a large chunk of Saint Bob's Hospital  is closed due to an outbreak of diarrhoea, our ward was strangely, well, quiet. Empty beds and because we're good and also lucky, our ward appeared to have escaped very lightly - we had very few cases of diarrhoea; so we had what has got to be the very first properly staffed - or at least appropriate staff-patient ratio'd shift I've ever had.

It was pleasant. I came home and I didn't hurt, I wasn't exhausted, I was sleepy and tired, but not exhausted. I got up this morning to go to work, and y'know what, I didn't struggle to get up, I didn't hurt as I got in the shower, and I drove to work in a cheery mood.

Sadly, all things come to an end and our ward is now filling up. But hey, 2 days of joy - I know it's wrong of me to have enjoyed the time while other wards struggled - but to be able to give *really good care* to patients; to check them properly, to wash them slowly and take time over it. To wash between people's toes, to remove everyone's anti-embolism stockings and wash their feet.

To shave all the male patients who wanted it... To actually know what's going on with patients, and be able to answer questions and hand over accurately to the late staff... Oh, and to just spend some time talking to the patients. To do my job properly, the way I'd like to, just for 2 days.

Anyhow, enough dwelling, some things were less fun today. I realised, like I said that I ordered the wrong size tyre. So I rang up Berkshire Motorcycle Centre and said 'Hi, look, I ordered a tyre on Saturday...' [they cut me off] 'Yes, it's not arrived yet, it should be in tomorrow'.

To which I said 'I'm sorry, I've been astonishingly silly, and ordered the wrong tyre' or polite words to that effect. Their response was "well, it's yours now. You have to pay for it".

Uh, no, actually I don't. Not legally, no. Not in any sense of the word. It's not even arrived. In the end I argued my side and the guy was incredibly rude and then told me that he wasn't interested in my custom and hung up. So, I recommend not going to Berkshire M/C Centre in Slough.

At any rate, I've ordered my tyre from an online tyre place, and I'll get someone local to fit it - my local tyre place probably.

And in better news; my builder came! He came and built stuff. Well, technically, he demolished stuff, and then built stuff. And discovered that my house has had some half-assed-botch jobs done on it - it currently has two joists which while they are fixed (one presumes) at one end, are floating - held in place by the floorboards - he's planning to put joist hangers in (which should have been done a when the chimney breast was originally modified).

That and the original chimney is supported on two 'tie in' bricks. Uh, only one of them seems to only have maybe 1/5th it's length in the wall it's tied in to. It's currently propped up with a bit of wood, a bit of brick, and a screw driver. The wall also appears to have been built from random brick; the new one's not exactly any prize - being a mixture of block work and brick - and it's imperial brick and metric blockwork - and they don't tie together terribly neatly, but he is trying to keep materials costs down for me - and it'll all be behind plaster.

There would be pictures, but the CF card reader is on my desk by the Mac. And the mac is sat above the floaty joisted floorboards.

Whilst they're no more unsafe than they were yesterday, I don't *particularly* want to tread on them. So you'll have to be waiting for them.

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So, last year I went through a fair struggle but this whole house / money / job game has got me stressed. Perhaps that's why I'm dreaming - and remembering snippets - because there's something to worry about so I'm dreaming. I feel like my body is falling apart - despite me living better (although no real exercise, I need to do something about that); and eating better, I'm sick - and I've been sick with this sore throat for nearly a week now. In fact, it'll be a week tomorrow. And there's no sign of improvement, I just feel as bad as I did the first day I got it.

I get frustrated at my body at times like this - wanting it to be better, cursing my immune system for not kicking out the invader. Which is revoltingly unfair of me, but after experiencing a year of not getting unwell; well; this repetitive sickness is getting to me.

Ironically, so far this year my hayfever's remained mild - mild enough that I debate not taking the tablets - I may have mentioned I went for 4 days without; but the occasional sneezing fits on top of the headache and sore throat, that was a bit much.

I've tried to be as gentle with myself as I could whilst still preparing for the builder; I split up the work over several days; and I'm glad I have. I do still need to do the washing up and move the washing machine, but that's it now. I've taken the recycling to be recycled, I've dried laundry on the line (a bit at a time, 'cos it's a bit stretchier than perhaps you'd expect, mind it is a *long* run) with no supports, I've cleared the kitchen door, and uh, I've watched 3 episodes of Hustle (how come they're getting Hustle in the US before we get it here; it's *our* programme. Since when did the BBC start showing shows in the US before here?!, huh?). I also watched Dr Strangelove, which I still think is a fantastic film.

I gargled with salt water (so much I actually made myself sick :( ), and with TCP (which tastes revolting, incidentally). And I drunk so much to try and soothe my throat that I started to feel unwell.

I don't really know what to do; I want rid of this but I've got work tomorrow and it's going to get worse.

Oh, and I ordered the wrong size tyre for my bike, so I get to make a very embarrassed phone call tomorrow.... Bah.

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