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Or, possibly a breeze-blockery. One or other.

Before I get started on this update, can I share a moment? We were expecting (to use a very loose term, I think faintly hoping is more what I was doing) that we would have a delivery of top-soil today. Our local top-soil merchant having given us a price which is much better than one of the national companies (but also means it's almost certainly not screened, graded soil). Yesterday they didn't turn up, and I had a little book running in my head regarding today's excuse.

Sorry, we...
a) had problems with equipment
b) over-ran on the previous job
c) got stuck in traffic coming back from our previous job
d) had to close early due to a sudden onset of bubonic plague
e) were overrun on site by a horde of marauding miniature nuns (skateboarding nuns, no less) demanding all our topsoil for a new convent garden they were building

It was of course e, uh, I mean, a, today. But it did make me wonder, do builders have a magic-8 ball which they shake when a customer rings? Or do they have an excuse of the day message e-mailed to them?

Apparently he will 'personally' deliver the topsoil tomorrow. I will believe it when the annoyingly large pile of dirt is on our driveway.

Anyway, we went to Tummies for lunch, the service was somewhat lackadaisical, not dreadful, but not brilliant. I was slightly less than impressed that they pulled the panini from the chiller (and Kathryn's sandwich) - at the price they're charging I'd expect a bit better'n that (given that for much less in a similarly nice cafe in Brizzy you pull things from the fridge and they toast 'em). But the food was good, and it's a pleasant (and less paint-y) environment. And we needed to celebrate Kathryn's test-passitude.

Anyhow, after shopping and a somewhat lax period of web-browsing, I headed out to the garden to move rubble. I've moved a slightly distressingly small amount of rubble, although I did create the basis for the breeze-blockery (aka rockery, aka good-way-to-disguise-a-pile-of-rubble). It includes, at the moment, an impressively large lump of concrete which I have no means of getting to the tip. Once the earth arrives, we shall pile it all over the damn thing, and then wedge some nicer stones in it, and some of those rockery-type-plants and no-one shall know the evil lying beneath; at least, not until they go forth and attempt to move it.

Plan is to put a fence segment up behind it (between it and the compost bin) and thus hide the big-black compost bin from the view out of the windows. Of course, the big plain brick wall will still be there.

Oooh, there's a lot of fumes in here now, I may have to move.

Anyway, the undercoat's gone on the door frame, Kathryn's working on my anniversary prezzie, (I cheated and bought her something, but it must be said I just looked at it and wanted to give it to her right there and then, so ordering it and waiting was pretty good). Rebecca's booked in to have her exhaust sorted on Friday*, and the oven's on to cook dinner.

Today has been a day where much has been accomplished. Ra :)

ETA: The laptop, incredibly, has a bid on it. i.e. it has sold. Even despite the description.

*I should ring the gearbox reconning company about the gearbox but can't pay for it until I've been paid anyhow. And there's still no signs of the king/swivelpins; a somewhat significant component in the front suspension which have now been on back-order with most MM companies for over a year. A situation which borders on the ludicrous.
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Now, I hate to be revolting. Well, actually I don't give a fig whether I'm revolting or not, but I just have to say how awesome Kathryn is. She's sweet and kind and thoughtful. She's generous, intelligent, creative and wonderful. And today she was just so lovely; despite the temperatures of 2 degrees C (and below), the snow, the oil and the gunk she worked away with me on the DAF today. Without her it would have been impossible to get nearly as far as we did, and getting the bonnet off alone would have been nightmareish.

She is, I am convinced, the most wonderful person in the world.

That having been said, we didn't finish the DAF. 5 hours of solid work, we're down to detaching the exhaust from the head (the book seems very vague about this, in fact, it actually suggests detaching the exhaust somewhere else, but then it'd still be curving round the suspension). All the wiring is detached, the bonnet, grill, bumper, air filter, various other ancilleries are also now in the boot and hopefully tomorrow we can get to the clutch and fix the poor benighted object, and then get her back on the road.

So, five hours in and we have this:

DAF sans front

So, uh, wish us good weather for the morrow.
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So, I finally got Jejy up on ramps today; the weather - while not terribly pleasant- cleared for long enough for me to have a grovel on the cold, damp ground. I looked up through the little hole at the base of the clutch plate and gently rotated it - initially it rotated smoothly, but then I got the sensation of rubbing. And got sprinkled in dirt and dust - which looked very attractive on me.

I suspect then that there's something up with clutch shoes (it has shoes, not a plate, I think); and therefore it's an engine-out job. This being the case I decided not to continue with the service (since I might as well do all the horrid things all in one go). I did however spray the other sill with waxoyl... or at least I started. Then I lost the little injection straw in the sill. So that's slightly frustrating.

It is an unfortunate and unexpected expense coming at the same time as the TV licence and the Visa application. On which front we finished the first run of filling it in; now we need some photos and one small question answered and then some sendings. Hopefully, after that, Kathryn'll be able to stay in the UK for a couple of years; which should mean that we're fine to bugger off to Canada.

Still, the house is warm, the kitchen is lovely and we've got almost an entire sea-load of fish for dinner, so that's all good.

Distressingly I'm on nights next week. But hey, into each whatever, a bit of rain must fall.
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So, Brick's winged his way to a new owner; apparently en-route he shed some bits of distributor, but handily the spare one we'd thrown in the boot (along with all the other spares) turned out to have the relevant bits. The new owner didn't seem that mifffed... it seems about par-for-Brick's behaviour. I hope that he gives the new owner less trouble.

Anyhow, on to the Dyke cred. We've gained points:

We're terribly green little dykey people; Kathryn cycles all over the place, she cut my hair today, we grow our own veg (and fruit, if the tomato brings us fruit), I do car maintainance, ride a motorbike, we do DIY, and for extra bonus dyke cred:

We made our own granola!

The recipe is not quite right; more honey, and such... but I'm dead chuffed. I do, however, need to find a bulk purchase place for rolled oats, almonds and such.

In other news, we went into a charity shop today, and I left with 3LPs, a single and a book; oh, and a Buffy the Vampire Slayer game (that's almost certainly terrible) and we got Trivial Pursuit.

And in final news for the day, Jejy's now insured; and Kathryn's been added to the insurance...all this at a grand total of nothing :)

I'm quite pleased. Well, it cost the £15 administration fee, but still.

We've also been making progress, slowly, on the house, the hideous wall of doom in the office has had a coat of basecoat and it's 3rd coat of yellow. Hopefully one more (and hopefully when it dries it won't be all cracked like the last 2 coats) and it'll finally be done.


Kathryn found this comic. It's excellent.

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You can probably expect more updates as Kathryn's gone back to the states for Xmas; more on that in a bit. I thought I'd give you all a quick update on our early Solstice. So, Kathryn and I have already had our Solstice/Xmas celebration; we had a very chilled morning (and not just because the house was cold), slept in really late and when we finally got up we had a relaxed day mostly chilling. I had an argument with Windows on the lounge PC - having set up a temporary wired network I set it copying files. It did what appears to be a random selection of them, didn't report any errors though, and foolishly I didn't check that they'd all come across. I then deleted a bunch of stuff off the laptop and have spent several days finding all the things which went missing during the copy.

Anyhow, we opened prezzies, Kathryn got me a gorgoeous Retro Computing book; arty geekery! She's also got me something unknown, which is still floating in the aether of the Post Office. As, apparently (and frustratingly) is our VOIP adaptor. Anyhow, we then cooked a very nice (and veggie) Christmas Dinner - complete with Yorkshire pud, brussel sprouts, parsnips (although these were way underdone; in future I know to cook them for much longer), and a not very Christmassy Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Casserole (what can I say, it's gorgeous!). Read more... )
Anyhow, back to work tomorrow, so Merry Xmas everyone, have a great day :)


Nov. 5th, 2007 08:19 am
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It's chilly and foggy here today, much with the chilly and much with the foggy. Theoretically I get to collect Brick from the motor engineer today; sadly the oil leak persists; it's not a failed seal of any sort. The sump (which for those not in the know is the reservoir for oil) has a crack in it, apparently. How it gained this crack I don't know, although I have a sneaking suspicion that it had a crack before I bought it that had been sealed using glue, or pixie dust, because it started leaking pretty badly as soon as it was home. Unfortunately despite people fairly frequently chucking entire engines, without getting a whole and entire engine (which seems 'excessive' to me) I can't easily lay my hands on a sump. People've suggested waiting 'til I go to sort out the welding and then have the engine out / sump off / clean / weld / replace. But there's a fair amount of welding, and it's leaking oil at a frantic rate of knots, which makes me unhappy.

Another thing which makes me a little unhappy is this. See, I want to run all my vehicles on E85. I can't afford an (adequate) EV conversion, I can't do biodiesel, and I can't not commute to work. Even working in the hospital in the town where I live is far enough that I'd have to commute by car; so I'd be stuffed anyhow. So Morrisons starting to sell E85 is great, except that the nearest station is so far from me that I'd use half a tank getting there and back, and given that I'd have to adjust the timing and possibly the mixture once I'd filled up with E-85 I'd be a bit stuffed.

Come on guys (specifically, Esso, Jet, Tesco and Murco 'cos they're the ones I actually go near every week), let's have E85 at all the stations, then I can have a selection of much cleaner vehicles. Infact, they'd be heading for carbon neutral, which would rock. Well, theoretically at least. When E85 production methods improve there's a good chance for carbon neutrality.

Anyhow, so I had a really fantastic weekend. Which is odd, because I spent the second half of it (i.e. most of Sunday) tiling. I'm 3/4ths done in the shower cubicle though, I'd be tiling now before heading off to collect brick were it not, well, too early for diamond-saw noises. I misjudged the remaining number of tiles though. I thought I was down to about 200, but I'd neglected the ones that went in the spare room to use as a table when we had lauril staying (ah, the magic of a throw). At any rate, I don't know if the tiles are adhereing to the wood yet (or if they need *another* coat of paint) - if they are then I can commence that final section of tiling and the plan that we should be done and dusted by the end of the week could actually be true. I am not looking forward to grouting though. Kathryn's done a wall and a half, and between us we should get the rest done without too much pain. But it's still the most tedious thing in the world.

So, what else did I get up to this weekend; well, mostly I just spent time with Kathryn - which is a pleasure unsurpassed in my book. We went for a little wander down to what we thought was an abandoned abbey, but turned out to be an active abbey, and met a nun in purple. Apparently they're an Augustinian community; at any rate, the nun in question seemed nice :)

On the way back we stopped to disassemble a skip full of parts of an alarm. A shop'd been stripped out and there was a large amount of depressingly useful wood there, all of it being dumped, and also a significant quantity of electronics. It's always rather sad, I feel, when people strip out shops throwing away stuff that's potentially useful. We came away with two small plastic FixSystem bins (of which there are some more at my mum's house, somewhere (little plastic bins you put on the wall to store things in)), and some small piece of the alarm system. Then we headed home stopping at the local supermarket for provisions, 'cos Brick not being here, and us living where we do means that shopping on foot would be an activity unsupassed in it's tediousness.

Sunday was tiling day, although come the evening I took Kathryn's advice and actually had a break. I'd been tiling pretty much solidly from 1130 to 1700, which to be fair got 100 tiles on the wall, but did take it's toll on me. So, today I collect Kathryn's Xmas Prezzie which handily has arrived same time as my new nipod. This time I actually got a branded one though, the nipod's awful interface, and the fact that they don't show any shots of the interfaces on the adverts put me off getting another - although it was very small and cute.

And it did play video.

This one however is just a music player, and possibly not quite so robust being hard disk based (like the ipod) but hey, we'll see. Anyhow, shower, phone BeThere and then head off to collect the car, if it's ready (it bloody ought to be since they opted not to take the engine out and just to switch it to unleaded; I can do a head swap on an A+ in a few hours.... and I'm paying them for a few hours work). Anyhow, enough whining.

Hi ho, Hi ho, it's off to tile I go...
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I know, I've become one of those become one of those people who rarely updates. I think  that's because, well, most of the time I'm busy and really any of my spare time I want to spend with Kathryn. I don't hugely want to spend time writing about what I'bve been doing. Because at the moment I'm sat waiting for MacOS to install on the 'main PC'; purely because I want to install Linux on the laptop - and I've reached my tollerence for my laptop's pause every few seconds to go to 100% processor usage, then resolve. It does it when it's running firefox, not when it's running anything else. But at the moment there's not enough space on it to download the install of Gentoo - not that I could burn it, because the PC in the lounge / the homehub seem to be locked in a perpetual battle of wills - one of  them tries to connect, the other will work for a while, then they fall off. I can't help blaming the homehub - it being so crap in every respect means that even if it isn't it's fault I'm gonna blame it for this problem.

At any rate, it's left me sat upstairs with the laptop in my lap to keep me company while Kathryn is applicationifying and showering and doing morning things. I can't help but have paranoia that it's some sort of keylogger - but I'd presume it'd be better written than this is. Anyhow, so I've been working with kids a lot recently - not through choice, I hasten to add, but just because. I'm increasingly of the opinion that I'd quite like a kid sone day. They can be terribly sweet - even in the incredibly stressed environment of an A&E department. That doesn't stop them being horrendously scary - not least because I don't know enough to look after them as well as I'd like. But still. Not yet, I also hasten to add; but at some indistinct point in the future.

So, yes. work yesterday was tiring. We cleared out the Resus bay only for it to more or less instantly fill up again. And these were sick people; not desperately desperately sick people. Thankfully I've only had one of them in the Resus bay, once. Although, that said it's probably good to get the skills down. But, yes. I may book myself on the ILS course. But I just feel so much out of my depth some of the time.So, Thoughts

I'm worried that I'll go on the course and I'll still be out of my depth, surrounded by nurses who are way more experienced and way more knowledgeable than me. But I guess learning is learning :)

 And actually it probably makes sense to do it now, just so I can apply the principles.

Kathryn and I (mostly Kathryn, actually) have been attacking the bathroom some more; she's painted the top section white, I've filled the ceiling, so it now needs sanding and then painting with some of that smoothing paint. I've sealed around the shower too, so that's now ready to be tiled. And finally we've both been tiling. It's only a small section of tiles that's up and on the walls, but it's a good start and it does make a difference, at least mentally. I shall pounce and attack them tomorrow - try and get a chunk done. We're having a friend over to stay, so it'd be nice if it was nearer finished. Not least because the less stuff there is being stored in there relating to building the more space we have that we can clear stuff from the spare room into.


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This past week's been a really interesting and incredible one. Kathryn finished her course and moved down to Slough last Tuesday; and y'know what I'm very happy. James commented that we smile a lot ("You both grin like mad things") - and y'know what, it's true. Somehow I just feel happier.

Sorry, I realise that we're also sickly sweet, but hey, we've only been actually able to see each other for more than a couple of days at a time for one week, tomorrow. So, yes. So that was Tuesday; I'd just come off nights and have to admit that the whole thing was kinda blurry for me. 

The rest of the week's been made up of working on the house (the bathroom ceiling's flakey paint has now been largely resolved; Kathryn revealed a continent of plaster, and I increased it's size tonight before slathering the whole area in dilute PVA before applying lots of filler. Much sanding now awaits), helping out at my mum's house (and here's another example of where being with Kathryn is just better'n being by myself. Not only do I get her awesome company, but she reminds me to take advantage of being out in the countryside).

Having wandered around we picked blackberries to go with my mum's home grown apples - which on getting home we made into a really rather nice apple and blackberry cake. It didn't quite rise right, but next time we'll use the oven not-in-fan-mode.

Then we headed up for Pari's 2nd wedding - which was just beautiful. It was really great to catch up with some people I've not seen since university; I was actually incredibly nervous - having not seen them for 7 years; but in the end it worked out well. Kathryn's posted about the wedding here - and when I get the photos off my camera, if any of them are any good I'll flickr'em, but that means getting my Mac working. Which I could've done tonight, but didn't. Instead I watched the IT crowd :)

Finally we headed back via the Gaydon Heritage Motor Museum, which was hosting the VVOC's AGM - and I got to meet (briefly) some members of the VVOC, drip a lot of oil on the car park, collect a new head (which will be made unleaded) for Brick, and also got to spend some time looking at the world's earliest production Morris Minor. Kathryn too pics of me next to the Minor, so expect them too; I also took a fair few pictures as I wandered round.

We also sat in a Think, Ford's acquired-then-sold EV - it was interesting, but also disconcertingly dull. I guess that's what we need, dull EVs for people to just buy and use. It appeared to be built to Ford's usual standards and it was interesting to see moulded plastic door panels with the kinds of door gaps I'm used to on the Minor. (I have to say, looking at the photos of the newer ones, it looks like they've improved somewhat on the very early one we were sat in)

Anyway, Brick brought us home despite atrocious traffic on the M40 - and the temperature gauge hanging around just before the "I'm letting all the water out now" marker. There were quite a few modern cars with the traditional pool of green water underneath them sat on the hard shoulder, so I am quite impressed with Brick's performance, especially given the stuff that's passing for coolant in 'im at the moment.

1000 miles in a week not bad for a 35 year old car :)

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Against expectations I've actually done quite a lot of tidying and sorting today. I have pounced on the back bedroom with some vigour and shuffled piles of stuff into different piles of stuff, decreased the box content of the room and, in fact, started to uncover something that I believe was once a desk.

I have a pile of computing equipment the likes of which I've not seen for a while; the Laserjet 4, complete with JetDirect is sat atop my RiscPC which astonishingly can see the network. Of course, OmniClient is being it's usual argumentative self and I can't seem to persuade it to connect. And WebsterXL seems to have decided that it'll connect only to google's homepage, and nothing else. It's not helped that the Acorn Keyboard after 2 years of having crap piled on it appears to have finally bitten the dust (sadly :( ) and that after so long on Linux, Mac and Windows I've started to forget how to use the RiscPC. To be fair, I only connected it 'because it was there'. It's the sort of thing I feel silly for having spent time on, but at the same time it's such an important part of my formative years that I'm rather pleased to see it still working. I'd've quite liked to use OvPro to produce the zine with Kathryn, but it looks like it may take me a long time to get it working properly - if I ever can. I'm tempted to nuke it and install everything fresh... but also I'd forgotten that with only 4Mb of ram it can only do 1024x768 in a decent colour depth. It's sad really, it was a phenominally advanced machine when it was released, and now it's put to shame by a cheap PC running an OS it was never designed to run.

But, on the plus side the Mac went 'print to a laserprinter on the network? Why of course'. Ahh. Mac, we love you. Turning off DHCP on the white box of internet doom home hub seems to have improved connectivity; now I just need to clear the desk of crap - although we're pretty good now. Down to last few ods and sods.

I've thrown a bunch of stuff onto freecycle too, and I've finally found the singles that seemed to have disappeared when I moved from Ashford to here.

Anyhow, so that's been my day really; here's the results of the chaos decreasing act - the whole computing environment (some of this stuff has moved in from the bedroom, so the mess hasn't decreased as much as I'd hoped; this shot is also an exercise in adding as many notes to a photo as is possible) and the desk. Although it's not really 'tidyer'; everything's actually connected now and there's the possibility that Kathryn can use the desk with her Mac should she wish to - just by moving the hackintosh keyboard. Also, the Laserprinter is up and running, so resume printing should be a nice simple, and very professional looking affair. Everything's still kinda dusty though.

Still, it's progress for definite.

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Tidying is never awesome fun; and the enormous job I've set myself is, quite honestly a little overwhelming; but it'll be nice for me to have some sense of order in the house; and it'd be nice to be able to welcome Kathryn to her new home with it being in some sense vaguely clean and also faintly tidy. It'll never hit staggeringly neat, not with limited storage, and huge amounts of renovation works going on; but there's a lot of potential for tidying it to a greater extent than it's at now.

So; with that in mind, this weekend begins something akin to Tidy Quest; whilst I'm sure I'll meet almost none of my targets, I at least hope that the house will be clean. Indeed, shall we examine what I wanted to achieve, and what I expect to?

- Finish CD organisation.
- Unpack Kathryn’s books.
- Remove centre shelf from cupboard, allowing Kathryn’s light to stand on lower shelf.
- Sort my clothes and clear drawers full of crud.
- Unpack Kathryn’s clothes.

- Sort & file paperwork. Write missing letter to NIContribs.
- Continue work on bathroom (not in order): Mount wood for cistern, Fix sink to wall, Fix toilet to floor, Paint*, Clean floor of excess grout, Commence tiling*, Finish waste water plumbing, Paint bath feet, Fit shower*, Fit bath*, Fit cistern*, Trim base of door and refit*, Sort out lighting for shower*.

Well, the three in the middle in italics I shall achieve, the bathroom, well, I may manage the two in italics; if I'm lucky. I'd go and check if the whatsitsface - part - had arrived, but I'm tied to the house at the moment, waiting for the garage to collect Brick.

What I shall do though is start sorting through the paperwork that is classed as rubbish - so I can work out which can go straight in the recycling and which is confidential and needs to be shredded.... And I may start on the clothes issue. :)

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So, Kathryn came down 2 days ago; and we spent some time working on the bathroom. It's cool; because thanks to the amount of progress we made I now have a faint hope that the bathroom will actually be finished by the time she moves in. Not actually working; but finished. Which is a step forward of awesome magnitude.

In the mean time there's quite a few jobs that still need doing. While Kathryn did nearly all of the hard bit (the careful measuring and locating on the wall bit) of putting up the boxing at the 'bath' end of the bathroom, there's a whole other (rather simpler, but still) wall which needs doing, and there's then the tile-a-thon. I realised that I was being a dizzy mare and also need to put the sink brackets up before the tiles. While I'm not great at cutting tiles, doing it the other way round is liable to lead to cracked tiles.

The toilet has holes ready and waiting for the screws that'll be holding it down now, thanks to a new very sharp drill bit. I'm really quite excited. It's all heading towards the 4th, when Kathryn will be moving in. I'm trying to sort out my finances a bit before I do that; I went to the bank today for an account review (which is where they generally try and sell you stuff), the woman I talked to was very friendly, and then utterly appalled when she learned how much I'm paid. Perhaps I should print my pay per hour, and then put that up on a poster with 'are nurses worth more than this?'. Heh.

Kathryn moving down is alternately very exciting and rather scary. I love her, that much is very simple, and I'm very excited that she's moving in. But we've spent only 10 days together at our longest, and we've never yet had an argument. But, I hope (and believe) that anything that crops up we can work through; and I ended up rambling on about her at great length to the financial advisor person; poor soul; who commented on how happy I seemed to be. Which is true; I am ridiculously happy. And I hope to keep it that way.

Anyhow, plan for today is continue the wood-working fest; maybe collect the bath foot, if they've actually got around to recasting it, and paint the walls. I do need to check that there's nothing I need to 'do' for the plaster weekend (I'm learning to plaster limbs this weekend), at least, nothing beforehand. So, uh, that's my day.

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I thought to myself, it's a while since I've updated; I've been reading but for the most part been too busy or too tired (or most commonly both) to get around to actually updating. Thing is, my life has become insanely normal. I go to work (knackering, but exactly what I want to do); I come home and do DIY and I talk to bluwyngz. I've got tons of work that needs doing, bills that need paying, forms that need to be sent off, and I struggle through doing them.

Brick continues to ferry me to and from work; although the oil leak does seem to be getting worse, which is faintly concerning. I shall soon be getting him steam cleaned so we can work out where the engine oil is leaking *from*; and from there hopefully work out how to fix it.

Kathryn came back from Romania and we had a fantastic time together; she was incredibly patient when the batteries in my mom's EV died, and we had to come back on the back of a recovery truck. We went out and picked Raspberries; which I need to cook today; and we made it out to another bit of Slough area green space. We were also quite homey, and went to B&Q (think Home Depot) to choose the paint for the bathroom (and the lights for the kitchen).

But really, while my life has been mostly delightful; the busy hasn't been that exciting :)

At least, unless you want to hear about my progress with taking blood, or with giving IVs....
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So, today - in short form, just because I'm currently that kind of tired where a sensible word order doesn't always come naturally.

- Took keys for trailer back (drove van)
- Drove van back (they failed to notice the faint odour of dog vomit, although it'd more or less gone with the gallon of febreeze I put in it last night)
- Walked back to house
- Checked the bath, paint still needs more time to harden
- Pondered plans of action: Checked, the car still wasn't ready
- Set to on the plastering around the base of the shower, up on the walls around the shower (they'll be tiled anyhow); filling in where the socket and switch were (back when it was a bedroom)
- Completed the plastering to an 'acceptable' standard
- Measured and checked the shower base again
- Took a break...removed the dead magpie from the water butt
- Started work on digging the route of the new path
- Dumped some hardcore in there, discovered another dead bird (presuambly fell down my kitchen's chimney at some point, since it's not capped; and my builders just left it in the pile with the rubble...); disposed of second dead bird in bin.
- Dumped some sand/ash/birdfeathers onto hardcore - I'm not aiming for a perfectly smooth path, in fact, uneven is a look I rather like.
- Laid a few rows of brick - I need to lay my hands on much more brick.
- Mixed 18 litres of concrete (or thereabouts) and laid the 'slab' for the shower. Placed the shower on the slab, made sure it was level, discovered the pipework didn't have enough give in it to fit where it was; shuffled it about on the slab a bit, made sure it was still level, and connected the waste pipe. It's now an inch too short, because for some reason I cut it too short... I have no idea why. Quite annoying though. It means it will have to have a join in it.
- Cut my head open while arseing about with the plumbing - I stood up while underneath the pipework for the shower (which hasn't been cut to length, so sticks out of the wall about 30cm). It's not a *bad* cut, I just swore and carried on working, but it's naggingly sore. Didn't bleed much, either, thankfully. Scalp wounds normally bleed a lot. Washing my hair's going to hurt tomorrow, isn't it
- Won the taps for the bath, Ra!
- Walked to the garage and collected Brick, who now runs much better, and sounds so much nicer. The exhaust still leaks though; anyone know if it has to be 'perfect' for the MOT? Or is it allowed a little leak?
- Went to Lidl, did shopping
- Went to Sainsbury's; who appear to have stopped doing the fake-sausages I was particularly keen on. Bought nice food.
- Made an awesome dinner (pasta, prawns, fresh veg, pesto; bread and cheeses, lemon cake (from my mum) and strawberries (from my mum); and for some reason I accompanied it with lager, I guess it's the summer heat). Sometimes I can get the energy up to eat.
- Spent some time hunting for the Nipod. I'm now seriously concerned; and beginning to have to fight quite hard not to put "day builders left" and "last day I saw the Nipod" together. TBH I don't think for a second they stole it, but it may have got picked up. Still, I've still not paid them...
- Spent the evening chatting to Kathryn ( :) )
- Spent the evening also watching Sicko. It made me cry, damnit. And it's so not right. America, get your (healthcare) act together.
- Listened to lots of AM. AM remains awesome.

Am now planning to go to bed. Tomorrow I'm on a late, so a nice quiet morning is scheduled... I may go to a bathroom shop and see if they do cistern supports and sink supports. I may not.

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So, having placed an order for a brake disk / brake light lens / brake light switch / pads I set off for pastures new; namely pastures containing a poor S reg Viva that is to be banger raced. While I'm not someone deeply opposed to banger racing; it's rather sad when a good car is wasted though; and that's what's happening with this one. It's basically a pristine shelled car - it has so little rust it's unbelievable (especially compared to mine!); but hey.

At a loss

May. 19th, 2007 08:03 pm
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For the last 4 months, I've spent 'most every evening talking to one particular person; and currently - and for the next 7 weeks - that person isn't going to be online. Those who've endured my conversation over the past 4 months would probably be greatful for this break in my conversations, for a while I might not start every sentence "Kathryn..."*, but I find myself at a bit of a loss.

It's odd, because I'm surrounded by books, and I've got stuff I want to read before I start my new job. I've actually had a really full day; and I ate the left over curry from last night (despite the delivery bloke's over amorous nature**), cut the grass (front and back), prep'd my bike for it's MOT, taken Kathryn to the airport (although I'd much rather have spent the day with her... or gone with her...).

But I just feel a bit listless and well, sad. So, uh, sympathy? ;-)

Anyway, I'll stop whining now and we can resume normal programming. Well, when I say 'stop whining', I'll switch to whining about the car, the bike, the house, builders, computers and the general state of the world... :-)

* There is the possibility that every sentence will start 'I miss her', which is probably not an improvement for them...

** Although I think I might be developing an allergy to Slough's curry houses***. While I can't tell if someone's hitting on me, when the bloke delivering the curry gives you his phone number and *then* fracking rings you back to say "I'm just near tescos, I could get some drink and pop round" (no, I'm *really* not joking) then you start to worry about ordering food. I may have to start getting take-aways. All the time.

*** I am attempting to believe that the place Kathryn and I went for my birthday, they were just being friendly.
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So, building work progresses apace; well, a-limp is probably more accurate; however there are distinct progress signs, and a feeling of positivity descended (until today when I realised I'd have to pay to get someone to wire the kitchen, which is going to be 'spensive, 'cos I suspect I need an RCD unit instead of my current 'fuse box'). At any rate there is progress, at one point the kitchen was a place of great danger... but now there's a wall and in fact, plaster. I'm waiting on a ceiling though.

So anyway, that's the building work news. I do like to keep you all updated.

In other news, I spent a fantastic 2 days up in the land of Norwich - relaxing and generally having an awfully good time with Kathryn. I headed up on Friday, and... well, actually Kathryn posted about it here - it seems silly for me to post the same stuff again. But what I will do is share a few pictures with you...

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