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Kathryn can stay! We finally got the Visas back yesterday; well, visa. Kathryn's now allowed to stay here until we leave, unless that takes more than 2 years. I was incredibly relieved, since we're going on holiday in the not too distant future and need passports for that.

So that's good.

Also good, I had my eyetest today; in 5 years my eyes have hardly changed. In fact, one eye is exactly the same and one is so very slightly different they recommended no change in prescription. I also have no signs of macular degeneration - which is good - my mum's got very serious degeneration and I'm slightly worried about my eyesight (long term) but they checked it today my field of vision is hunky dory.

I will just have to take care of my eyes.

I was sat reading the contact lens sign and really want to go back to wearing lenses; but can't at the mo. If this allergy clinic does the Sublingual allergy treatment, that might mean I could, which would be awesome beans.

I was also good today for numerous reasons:
- I actually walked to town and back, rather than driving, despite it being cold.
- I sorted out my debts a bit. A very nice woman at the bank explained that there is a way to avoid early repayment charges on a loan, so my debt is now a loan. I must not take the credit cards with me anywhere.
- I didn't buy the Nikon D70s I saw. I'm even not buying it now, despite knowing it's quite a good price.
- On a smaller scale, I didn't buy lunch. I bought a drink ('cos I was thirsty after leaving hour earlier than I needed to (yes, I'm stupid sometimes)).
- I went and dropped off my prescription at the doctor's - so I should be able to get my new nose-spray on Monday.

I've also been good:
- Yesterday I fixed the car's exhaust. Well. Improved. Fixed might be an overstatement. It's now only fouling the suspension at extremes of travel. Having beaten crap out of the bit that you can't replace for about an hour I managed to move the 45 degree joint by about an inch and a half - a good chunk of the two inches I needed. I think it's leaking less now. Not quite sure how to get it that last half inch tho'.
- I got the iPaq working on the Mac. Well, technically it's working through Windows 2000 on VMWare on the MacBook. The GPS bit should work, and so before we go to Ireland I need to fork out for a new CF card for it - a much bigger one - then I can have Europe maps...and an MP3 player in the car again. That would rock my little world.

Also good:
Royksopp's new video. Many people seem to have missed this, and it's excellent.
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So, apparently it's the most snow the south's seen for 18 years. It certainly feels that way, with 3 or 4 inches kicking around the place when I got up, and it's been snowing on and off (quite reasonable amounts of snow, too) all day. It is the-pretty. We went out for a wander down to the store and the sound of snow crunching under foot accompanied us.

Our street in the snow

I do, however, have to drive to work. A task which I'm certain will be entertaining in the '69 minor. A shovel's already made its way into the car, and I'll be taking other proper essentials, a blanket lives in the boot, so that's fine, but there's going to be a camping stove and some drinking water going with me. Not 'cos I imagine I'll be stuck for days, but hours in the cold can be a pretty effective chiller.

I dun' mind though. 'cos it's the Pretty.

Mini Snowman (made by Kathryn)

I was going to upgrade the ent-mac today. I got as far as taking the case off and then discovered that there's no spare SATA cable in there. I thought I had one, but I guess I used it either in the G5 or in the Hackintosh that is at my mum's. I'll have to pick up a new SATA cable. Thankfully there's a spare SATA powersupply cable, so that shouldn't be too much of a problem. Lots to copy across and then we'll be able to continue much as before :)

Unfortunately, I didn't get to sleep very late today, and thus am feeling a bit groggy. I didn't get the DAF to the windscreen place, because they're all going "Ack! It's snowing!" so... yeah.

Anyway, I'm thinking I might have a little kipplet. There's pictures of Mogs in the Snow here.

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