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So, the Dell and the Apple are both now on ebay. Shinymac and Lapytopy will hopefully go to new owners, although to be honest, I doubt the Dell will sell. Added to the near 100 quid I got from the first auction I'm hoping that I'll get enough from the Apple (starting bid 580 quid) that a MacBook (or ideally, a MacBook Pro) will be mine. I doubt the latter, but the former's definately achievable. It's a little weird to think that in a week I won't actually have a 'main' computer. The RiscPC's a bit past it, and the EntMac's only connected to a TV (and not a HiDef one) so isn't really useable in that way.

The DAF's been ministered to, yesterday the throttle stuck open, the kink in the cable caught on the cable inner and it also seemed to possibly be unhooked at the pedal end. I've checked it over, and it shouldn't happen again - but when the new inner arrives (it's going to the new DAF) then I should hopefully be able to replace it without too much pain.

This time I shan't kink it.

I went to pick up Kathryn after work yesterday, missed her junction and got to travel all the way into London before I could turn around. The traffic was awful and I ended up being around 40 minutes late :( But, it did mean that Kathryn had the opportunity to go out for more driving practice yesterday, and we pootled around Slough. Apart from the incident with the pedals (before we moved at all) there weren't any problems, but the traffic was lousy, and it opted to snow, which was a little cruel. Today I'm hoping to put an hour or two into clearing the garden a bit. I'm just going to suck down my Chai.

I've been incredibly lazy today. Really, ridiculously lazy. Although, to be fair, it took me ages to get the Dell posted on e-bay. It's taken days, actually, 'cos the photo-upload wasn't working last night.

As a side point, I've been listening to far too much VV Brown and The Ting Tings. The bloody VV Brown song (Crying blood) keeps getting stuck in my head. Too damn catchy.

And I keep wandering about going 'Aaaaree yoooooooou caaaaaalling meeee darrrrrrlin(g)...'

I had something else to ramble about, but I've forgotten. I blame the Ting Tings.

Oh, no, I remember; I finally got around to entering Snapshot Hunter again. It's not a great shot, some of the ones up there are way better (already, and we're only on like the 6th photo), my excuse is that my camera dies after 8 photos now. Do I need new batteries? Yes I do. Not this month though, I think I've spent my money for this and next month.

Oh, and yes, my minimal bid is on the shite DAB adapter. I won the amplifier, so we're all go for taking the Radiomobile to bits. Anyway. Chai. Garden. Collect Kathryn.
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So, today was a bit insane. At least, I thought it was insane.

I'm not sure why, but the nurse in charge decided I should be 1st in in Resus. This was actually good, in a lot of ways; because I much more enjoy and am much better when I'm thrown in at the deep end.

But it was scary++ because, well, not only do I have only a limited clue as to what I'm doing; but also I've got next to no Emergency skills. I can't take blood (although hopefully I can do my assessment this week), I can't give IV's unsupervised, I can't cannulate, and I can't plaster....

So it was a bit interesting. I got very good at saying "could you possibly..."

And "no, but I'll get someone who can".

Thankfully someone much more experienced came in for the Trauma call (a chap with extensive burns). And I stuck to my chest pains, and self-harmers. I did meet a genuine bona-fide gangster; at least according to himself... I must admit when he self discharged I really didn't care that much...

After my shift I drove home, although there was a brief pause because Brick randomly decided he didn't like the rust syrup masquerading as coolant, and thus spat it out. I've only seen a car-spitting-out-coolant-old-style once before (Nikki's Mog) and it's quite impressive. There was steam pouring (and I do mean pouring) out from the bonnet, from the back of the bonnet (where the vents are) and when I opened it there was a whoosh of more steam. So I shall *change* the coolant before heading up North; although I shan't flush it.

It seemed fine after slopping some fresh coolant in so it was probably a stuck thermostat. But I shall be paranoid'ly observing it.

I finally, incidentally, got my shot in for Snapshot Hunter; 've stuck it below, and I'm quite pleased with it... I've got a whole bundle more from the weekend with Kathryn, but I shall maybe upload them tomorrow.


And to take you into the evening, here's some links: Funny. Scary.

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I forgot to post on Snapshot hunter this week; it was meant to be this image - but I often forget which day I need to post things by. The most annoying thing is the two times I've forgotten I've had really good shots. Although I wasn't 100% decided I'd only uploaded this one for 'wet'. Anyhow.


In other news, here's some more new music. Indie pop, for those who're not wanting to use up clicks.

Tomorrow is my interview, and thus I should go to bed soon. I'm feeling a little teensy bit tense. Really quite tense. Incredibly tense. No, that's excessive. I'm quite tense though. I think I've got my four H's and four T's. I've thought of answers to the questions like 'why do you want to work in A&E' and 'what would make you a good A&E nurse'; I've got a couple of questions to ask, I know what I'm going to wear. I found my brief/attaché/whatever case and prep'd the folder with a few 'samples' of my portfolio. I think that's it.

It's still scary though. Wish me luck; I *want* this job.

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So, this week's snapshot hunter was 'soft'; there were billions of kittens and flowers and cuddly teddy bears; thankfully, being as I've been laid here trying to rest and get well (and how well has that worked? huh?), I've had plenty of time to think. I came up with this:

For once, there are alternatives here and here.

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