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Well, dream car is a bit of a weird statement. I don't generally dream about owning cars. I've got a favourite car, that's my beloved Morris Minor. For long, complex, emotionally messy reasons I'm deeply attached to that car in a way which is potentially quite unhealthy. Certainly for my bank account.

I also have what is kind of a fleet of mostly slightly obscure vehicles I'd like to rescue and restore - and these days convert to electric. That's the list that Kathryn (being the sweet wife she is) created for me*, in felt, as a Christmas present. The likelyhood of me buying or owning that fleet is pretty slim.

It consists of Moskvich 401, Tatra T603, Trabant 601, Landrover, Vincent HRD Black Shadow. I've also become quite attached to CVT Vehicles, and would quite like to build a CVT Electric, probably from a Moskvich or a Trabant. The Landy is entirely silly unless we live somewhere remote and can run it on biofuel (maybe reprocessed veg oil).

The HRD is probably the only vehicle classic enthusiasts would consider a true classic, and is the only wholly impractical vehicle that I'd like - well, technically the Tatra's pretty impractial, and totally insane, and environmentally hideous, but it is, at least, interesting. Unlike all those Hummers out there.

Would I buy a new car? I'd've bought an EV-1; and may consider a new EV at some point. A new fossil fuel car? No, no thanks.

I'm bitterly disappointed that the governments of many countries have ignored the actual evidence (as per usual) and scrapped thousands of roadworthy vehicles to save a dying industry. We could, instead, have had a nice attempt at a green economy, but instead opted to save the pitiful businesses we had already, none of whom care about the planet.

* It's a gift in Process.
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