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So, apparently it's the most snow the south's seen for 18 years. It certainly feels that way, with 3 or 4 inches kicking around the place when I got up, and it's been snowing on and off (quite reasonable amounts of snow, too) all day. It is the-pretty. We went out for a wander down to the store and the sound of snow crunching under foot accompanied us.

Our street in the snow

I do, however, have to drive to work. A task which I'm certain will be entertaining in the '69 minor. A shovel's already made its way into the car, and I'll be taking other proper essentials, a blanket lives in the boot, so that's fine, but there's going to be a camping stove and some drinking water going with me. Not 'cos I imagine I'll be stuck for days, but hours in the cold can be a pretty effective chiller.

I dun' mind though. 'cos it's the Pretty.

Mini Snowman (made by Kathryn)

I was going to upgrade the ent-mac today. I got as far as taking the case off and then discovered that there's no spare SATA cable in there. I thought I had one, but I guess I used it either in the G5 or in the Hackintosh that is at my mum's. I'll have to pick up a new SATA cable. Thankfully there's a spare SATA powersupply cable, so that shouldn't be too much of a problem. Lots to copy across and then we'll be able to continue much as before :)

Unfortunately, I didn't get to sleep very late today, and thus am feeling a bit groggy. I didn't get the DAF to the windscreen place, because they're all going "Ack! It's snowing!" so... yeah.

Anyway, I'm thinking I might have a little kipplet. There's pictures of Mogs in the Snow here.
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So, yesterday, as the sun blazed (well, in winter-terms) and the clear blue sky sat above my head I spent the day working on the laptops. They're both now working, and shall both be photographed and whisked onto e-bay (along with my mum's old pashley trike, in need of some renovation, but she's got a multi-geared beastie now).

Of course, to do this requires batteries in my camera. My camera, as we've discussed eats batteries for breakfast. In fact, oh internets, should I get it a decent set of batteries? It killed the Uniross ones in fairly short order, so I'm not sure it's worth forking out for decent batteries. It took about the same amount of time to kill the (alledgedly 3000mAh) MultiplePower batteries (about 1/2 the cost of the Unirosses) but they were new, whereas the Uniross batteries were quite old when I started to put them in the camera.

It does say in the manual "This camera will stomp all over the batteries you put in it, sucking out every last ounce of power before ritually disemboweling them" (or words to that effect). Since I can't afford a new, a second hand, or any sort of camera (specifically a Micro 4/3s Lumix would be nice, I imagine, although I've not played with one and may hate their UI) I'm thinking I need to get a new set of batteries. If anyone requires batteries for low power usage these are fine, they run my CDPlayer and the TV's remote control absolutely fine.

Or does anyone have a way of reviving NiMH batteries?

Anyway, off topic. So I've only just remembered to put them on charge so that I can photograph the PowerBook and the iBook. What I wanted to to put my mind to today was sorting out the DAF. It is, therefore, misty and cold today. The sky is a pale shade of grey and I can't see the houses at the other end of the street 'cos it's so misty / foggy. If it hasn't cleared up by lunch time I'll go out there anyhow :-/

So I'm kind of at a loose end at the moment...
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So, I've been looking on in joy watching the new Obama led government put a stop to torture in their name, signing orders to close Guantanamo, and generally being shiny in all the ways I'd hoped they'd be. Happily reading good things in the papers. It's been a bit, well, different.

Feeling quite positive about the world.

And my MP wrote back to my previous 'please vote against this' with a 'already was, but thanks'; which I rather liked. And then I came across this: who needs privacy?

So, today I crafted another e-mail to my MP - I'm hoping she'll be on-side with this one as well. I never really thought of myself as being a political creature, but as I've got older and realised that I disagree with a lot of things that are going on, and I am really unhappy with where the country's going (in general terms) I find myself being more and more politically motivated. Even though I don't intend to be here much longer I don't think that anyone should have to put up with the level of invasion of privacy that they're suggesting.

The irony is I'm one of these weird people who's pro the NHS having a massive database of health records; or at least basic information shared across the country. Why? Because I stand there and have patients who are dying in front of me who might have hideous allergies to the drugs we're about to give them, who've been in accidents and can't tell me that they've got some medical condition or other and I think, well, it'd make sense to have that information available. However, I disagree with the way they've done it. I disagree with virtually everything about computers in the NHS that I've encountered. Ironically the best (and most reliable) systems I've encountered are the early 80s ones with the text interfaces running on Unix based systems. Although ours has a really dumb-ass bug where if you press any of the arrow keys (except the up/down ones) it instantly crashes your instance of the software, which can be dreadfully annoying when you're hurridly discharging the patient walking out the door at 3hours 59mins (4 hours is a breach, and a great sin).

But having the government having access to that information? Makes me want to go back to storing all information on paper cards and in little folders, just to make life as difficult for them as possible.

In other news, the TV appears to be soldiering on, I'm suspecting it was just a loose connector (bad me, should have checked) - it seems happy enough though. I've had to give in and order a new HDD for the Hackintosh though, it still freaks me out, that once a 20Meg HDD was 'huge' and now I'm about to stick a 1Tb drive into this computer.

I'm actually tempted to keep the 500Gig one as a 'backup' and just decruft it a bit and stick it in a box. I've no way to back up stuff otherwise.

In other (other) news, it has come to my attention that I'm not being as good about 'doing things' as I should be. I've got a pile of paperwork building up, again, which needs sorting. I need to get off my ass and do something about my (non-new-year's but) resolution (all the same) to put in at least an hour a day into my development as a nurse. I need to get the cars sorted. I need to assemble the MZ. I need to finish decorating this house so we can escape this damn country and get (me) somewhere I can get paid a reasonable amount for my skills without pimping myself out to any trust that'll pay me - no job security there. And to a place where Kathryn can truly start the process of getting the job she wants.

I want to only work one job, not 3. I want to be able to see Kathryn. I don't want to stand staring at my off duty and looking at the request I do two sets of nights in a month and think 'well, shit, I could do with the money' and end up saying yes.

The wonderful nature of the people around me has kept me going thus far, and I shall miss my friends greatly when I leave this little island, but this little island has no respect for public servants. And working 3 jobs means I have no time or energy to express my creativity. I want to be off urbexing, I want to create the animation that runs through my head whenever I listen to Rock 'n' Roll or Trains (in fact, quite a few of the tracks on Today Is.. inspire me and I'm wondering if I could animate the entire album).

A lot of this is down to me. I sit down of a morning and browse the internet until I'm bored and then sit and watch Blackadder, or BSG, or House, or Hustle instead of doing things that would actually make me feel a creative and interesting person. I am disappointed in my lack of activity. I'm disappointed that I've not written the book that lurks in my head. Even if it's crap, I should have written it.

I sound down on myself, and sad. I'm not, I'm feeling positive. I have the power to change these things. I have the power to give myself the time to do these things. Not necessarily creative time right now (with 2 cars sick and needing input of time and energy, and a bike that needs assembling, and a house in need of decorating). But I've remembered that I can do this. I used to come home after an early and work. I used to make progress on the house. That will start to happen again.

I'm going to finish the kitchen over the next couple of weeks. The walls and the ceiling need washing down (Kathryn's started). The cars are going to get sorted too. So; so we all know what the plan is:

Late days: Paperwork and Development on Nursing.
Earlys: Work on house or cars
Days off: Spending time with Kathryn, doing creative stuff or seeing friends or family

Uh, and cleaning the bathroom :)

Which I'm off to do now.

Time to decruft :)

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