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Another couple of nights. Just two this time, although with the extremely silly need to drive to Manchester the day after the second one (don't worry - plan is to come home, sleep and then go in the afternoon). Nights mean that, yet again I'm swinging my body clock around by 12 hours.

It's slightly harder to do this this time, 'cos the builders were indeed here. Rather briefly; apparently he's at college tonight (I have to ask him what he's doing there), and his tooth became loose and painful (it was noticably wobbly) and he went off to the dentist earlier...

So, in fact, they were here from 1030 til, maybe 3. And then at around 1730-1800 to drop off the wood. More unexciting photos of my floor being absent to follow, I'm sure.

Anyhow, without too much trauma I've filled in the CRB form, tomorrow (all being well) I shall head to occupational health - and then in the name of trying to do as many things as possible tomorrow I'll be mailing off my Oc Health reply and taking in the CRB form asap.

4 weeks sounds a long time, but in reality it's not a long time to get a CRB check done and contracts in and signed...

Especially when you're working nights, and one of the weeks includes a bank holiday.

And in other news, my mum and I are off to view an Enfield on Sunday. Well, assuming the bloke agrees to us turning up on Sunday - he certainly seemed happy with such a suggestion. The filing cabinet's fallen off my list of desired objects (I didn't bid in the end)  - this is because it shot up by over 100 quid - with 2 hours still left in the auction. Since they've been known to go for around 20 and I was only thinking of bidding 30ish, well. Yeah.

Was a nice one though - all old wood. I'm starting to entertain the concept of attempting to de-oil the metal one I used to have in the garage. It's neat, if not beautiful. Anyway, I should go and make some sort of food type substance for me to take to work.

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