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So, I finally got Jejy up on ramps today; the weather - while not terribly pleasant- cleared for long enough for me to have a grovel on the cold, damp ground. I looked up through the little hole at the base of the clutch plate and gently rotated it - initially it rotated smoothly, but then I got the sensation of rubbing. And got sprinkled in dirt and dust - which looked very attractive on me.

I suspect then that there's something up with clutch shoes (it has shoes, not a plate, I think); and therefore it's an engine-out job. This being the case I decided not to continue with the service (since I might as well do all the horrid things all in one go). I did however spray the other sill with waxoyl... or at least I started. Then I lost the little injection straw in the sill. So that's slightly frustrating.

It is an unfortunate and unexpected expense coming at the same time as the TV licence and the Visa application. On which front we finished the first run of filling it in; now we need some photos and one small question answered and then some sendings. Hopefully, after that, Kathryn'll be able to stay in the UK for a couple of years; which should mean that we're fine to bugger off to Canada.

Still, the house is warm, the kitchen is lovely and we've got almost an entire sea-load of fish for dinner, so that's all good.

Distressingly I'm on nights next week. But hey, into each whatever, a bit of rain must fall.
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I have 5 things to do this morning, well, 6 since one got split into two separate tasks by me forgetting to do part of it. Of these 2 require speaking to other people on a telephonic device. Both of these people appear to have answerphones. Answerphones which are on whenever I ring - my timing must suck. *whimpers*.

And no one's online to tolerate my whining. It's no good at all really.

I can't concentrate on anything, I'm trying to organise extra work through NHS-P, who's onsite person never returns my calls (seriously I've made about 10 and left messages most times and I *never* get called back), and I'm also trying to organise an 'informal visit' to St Fred’s Hospital for the Clinically Unwell where my interview is - made harder by the fact I'm working all the days between now and then. 

I had more to say, but it's wandered off somewhere. Oh, yes, I may be able to do my bathroom rather cheaper than I thought - which is double-plus good really. Uh, yeah. 's all.

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